December, 28th 2014

Pope Francis makes mention of the International Center of Nazareth

On the occasion of the feast of the Holy Family (28 December 2014), in his speech to the National Association of Large Families, Pope Francis made mention of the project, International Center Family of Nazareth, the management of which...Read all...

October, 11th 2014

The great hope is peace

"Conference on the Families in the Middle East" brought to a conclusion

A glimpse of  “truth and of mercy”, an event which was a bridge and an instrument of continuity between the Extraordinary Synod...Read all...

October, 11th 2014

Conference dedicated to families in the Middle East

A glimpse of truth and of mercy on the families in the Middle East


The Vatican Foundation “International Center Family of Nazareth”, on the occasion of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family and in collaboration with the...Read all...